"You do not have to think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking."
—George Nelson, Designer



30 Blooming Leaves of Mexico, Doerte Weber



See 2014 CODA Awards: Healthcare: Interior for Ansen Seale's award-winning project, You Activate This Space, commissioned for its Sky Tower by Univerity Health System, San Antonio, Texas.

In this piece, forty-two backlit panels react in response to the movement of the staff through the space. As people pass each panel, the work responds by changing color and then buy nolvadex slowly fading back to the original color, in effect, leaving a trail behind the person walking.

The title of the piece is meant to be a clear and unambiguous message, both in an immediate sense (the bridge space), and also to the hospital work experience as a whole. The staff makes the hospital come alive.




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