"Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment."
Naoto Fakasawa, Designer



Consulting Services

Healing Hands by Reginald Adams
Healing Hands by Reginald Adams, photo by Mark Greenberg

Martin Donlin, 2016 Grande Cheese

Surge II, Sabine Senft

Grande Cheese, Laurel Porcari

Siena Leaves, Rebecca Koury


• Art collection and public calls development
• Project and art program management and implementation
• Installation, framing and lighting
• Inventory, cataloguing and de-accessioning advisement
• Appraisals and conservation consultations and referrals
• Storage and shipment advisement
• Long term preventative cleaning and maintenance



Greater Purpose, Grande Cheese, Douwe Blumberg


Foxglove, University Health System,
Ed Carpenter

Big Clubs, Fred Bendheim


Grande Cheese, Ansen Seale

Grande Cheese, Laurel Porcari



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