"Life is creation, self and circumstances. The raw material."
—Dorothy Richardson


  Selected Photographs from
Women's and Children's Hospital, 2023
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ROBERT B GREEN Clinical Pavilion
SALUD ARTE: Art of Healing Program, 2013

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SALUD-ARTE: Art of Healing Program, 2014

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University Health System, Dr. Robert L.M. Hilliard Center, January 2018

Portrait of Dr Robert LM Hilliard, by his daughter artist Barbara Felix. Dr. Haq, Director of the new center.


University Health System RIO Tower, Transplant Center, January 2017


University Health System, Medical Center, Pediatric Emergency Department, September 2016.


Sky Tower & Medical Center Campus 2014-present

Photos by Charles Smith

"Flower of Hope" by Sebastian Sculptor (painted iron sculpture in foreground)
"Hippocrates" by Martin Donlin (glass disks at back wall)
"DNA: Mosaic of Our Humanity" by Angel Rodriguez-Diaz (film in glass at 2nd flr)
"Foxglove" by Ed Carpenter (sculpture around column, in background)
"DNA: Mosaic of Our Humanity" by Angel Rodriguez-Diaz (film in glass)
Natural Energy Graphic by Angel Rodriguez-Diaz (printed wallcovering)
"You Activate This Space" by Ansen Sale (interactive light & music panels)


Robert B. Green Clinic Pavilion 2013



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